E-commerce Automated Like Never Before.

Never miss out on a product you need again. Whether you’re shopping for an item for yourself or inventory for your business, you can count on Shikari to secure it for you - without you having to lift a finger.

Shikari Order Tracker Dashboard

Take the shopping out of online shopping

Lightning Fast

Sick of bots beating you to your favorite products? Shikari’s lightning fast processing provides a fast and reliable experience so you can say goodbye to “Out of Stock” messages.

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Built-In Stock Monitor

Gone are the days of constantly refreshing waiting for the product you want to drop or worse - finding out it has already released and you missed it. Shikari automatically monitors dozens of retailers to ensure you never miss a product again.

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Track and Manage Shipments

Shikari’s built-in order tracker helps consumers and businesses keep track of all orders and shipments so you can easily check what is being delivered and when.

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Select Your Product

Shikari’s intuitive UI makes it easy to choose which products you want to secure.

Let Shikari Go To Work

Shikari’s cutting-edge systems will monitor for your selected products and automatically checkout on your behalf.

Enjoy Your Purchase

Shikari will notify you of a successful purchase and automatically track and update you on your order and shipment for a stress-free purchasing experience.


Platform for everyone

Shikari offers solutions for both consumers and businesses so whether you’re restocking your kitchen or your business’s warehouse, you can expect a seamless purchasing experience.


Supported Retailers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with Shikari?

    Navigate to the top right corner of the website and click “Dashboard”. From there you can create an account and select whether you are a consumer or seller. Once logged into the dashboard, all purchasing options will be available to you.

  • How much does Shikari cost?

    For consumers
    Shikari offers free accounts and will only charge you a fee after successful purchase. Checkout fees are dynamic based on the product you select.

    For businesses
    Shikari license keys cost $349 and require a $50/mo subscription for ongoing support and updates.

  • What retailers do you support?

    We support dozens of retailers including major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Shopify. You can view the full list of all supported websites here.

  • Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes! - Our website is fully compliant and encrypted to ensure all your information is safe. We only support retailers that are verified as legitimate and also meet these high standards.

  • Shikari license keys are sold out - how do I purchase?

    Stay tuned to our social media - @ShikariTech on all platforms for updates on license key restocks. Be sure to have notifications on!